It's smart marketing based on customer feedback

Does your restaurant offer free Guest WiFi?
Does your service center encourage your customers to sit a while and use the WiFi?

Many apps claim to ‘know what these customers like and want’.


By requiring customers to log into your WiFi with their social ID or making them submit their credit card info to join your loyalty program.

If you really want to know what your customers are thinking (before it shows up on Yelp!)

Why not just ask them?

13hats is the first plug and play customer retention platform that uses customer feedback, gathered at the point of experience, to drive loyalty and smart marketing.

Our user friendly solution uses your WiFi and our technology to turn data into dollars

Here's How It Works


Learn what your customers think, what they want, what they love (and what they don’t) and what will bring them back.


Ask them!

63% of customers who log into guest WiFi voluntarily take the short 5 question survey

Know Thy Customer

A bump in positive reviews, Likes, Pins and Tweets translates into increased business.

How do you get your happiest customers to post them?

Ask them!

13hats identifies your Promoters, those customers who would recommend your business, and asks them to Like, Pin, Tweet…..

13% of Promoters click on the embedded social media links sent to them.

Say Thanks!

They came in, took your survey and shared their thoughts. Now it’s your turn to thank them.


Create coupons that are automatically sent with your Thank You follow up emails. Thank your Promoters for their feedback and let your Detractors know you are paying attention.

One 13hats customer realized 23% of coupons redeemed in just 2 weeks.

Stay In Touch

You brought them in, now you know what they are thinking. Use this knowledge to bring them back.


Your customers gave you their email address, told you what they like and what they want. Use the 13hats email marketing platform to bring them back again and again.

One national coffee franchise collected over 800 unique email addresses a month in just one location.

Don't Take Our Word For It

  • logo-yumberry

    YumBerry added an average of 800 new email addresses every month since we started using 13hats which made our clients Sunday Brunch launch a huge success.

    - Karen Dennis, Principal, KSD Media and Public Relations

  • logo-core

    The 13 Hats program enabled my restaurant client to see areas in which his servers were underperforming. We took this information and improved our sever training program which has led to a 12% increase in check averages. Annualized it is a significant ROI for my client.

    - Joe Welsh, Core Restaurant Marketing

  • logo-grease-burger

    In just 2 weeks of using 13 Hats system, my restaurant had some great results. We saw 23% of all coupons sent out through this campaign redeemed and our average ticket price increased 145% for those repeat visit customers. We got feedback from 4 people each hour and 3 people per hour gave us their email address. Thanks 13 Hats!

    - Ben Foster, General Manager

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