How Can 13hats Help?

  • Connect With Your Guests

    13hats turns your guest WiFi into a customized branded log in portal.

  • Know Your Customer

    13hats builds a customer list made up off contact info, visitor history, loyalty and customer feedback.

  • Automate Your Marketing

    13hats creates customized marketing campaigns based on your customers behavior and feedback.

13hats will tell you not only when your customer came back, but why they came back or why they didn’t.
“If you want to know what your customers are thinking…ask them!”

How Does It Work?

Collect customer data

Automatically collect customer contact data whenever your customer log into your Guest WiFi the first time and track every subsequent visit. Ask them if they want to take a short 5 question survey – you’ll be surprised how many say yes!

Understand your customers

Ask your customers what brought them in, where they live, learn where they live online, what new items they want to see in the menu – you decide.

Your dashboard will track your customers feedback for one or all of your locations and tell you not only WHEN they come back, but WHY they did… or didn’t.

Smart Marketing

13hats sends automated messaging based on customers feedback and history. Your customized reports will show when a customer came back after receiving one of your messages.

Engage your loyal customers but listen to your complainers.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”
Bill Gates

Don't Take Our Word For It

  • logo-yumberry

    YumBerry added an average of 800 new email addresses every month since we started using 13hats which made our clients Sunday Brunch launch a huge success.

    - Karen Dennis, Principal, KSD Media and Public Relations

  • logo-core

    The 13 Hats program enabled my restaurant client to see areas in which his servers were underperforming. We took this information and improved our sever training program which has led to a 12% increase in check averages. Annualized it is a significant ROI for my client.

    - Joe Welsh, Core Restaurant Marketing

  • pt_z7YUl

    The real time feedback throughout our chain provides us with immediate insight into any issues as they arise.

    The customer profiles we have assembled along the thousands of email addresses we collect monthly have become a driving force for our restaurants growth.

    - Tzahi Khan, US Regional Director

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